Our Programmes

Group Footwork Exercises
Group Footwork Exercises
Individual Lesson
Individual Lesson
Work in Pairs
Work in Pairs

We do not select best of the best! Every athlete is given sufficient attention to achieve results. We tailor an individual approach to every athlete, i.e. personal sets of exercises, training schedule to accommodate a busy timetable in local schools. The formula of success is fairly simple; those athletes who train consistently, believe in themselves, follow the instructions of coaches closely and invest their mind and effort into every exercise, would achieve a greater result earlier than others.

Hardworking athletes achieve significantly better results as compared to talented but lazy athletes. We do our best to make every training interesting, teach our athletes the importance of training regularly, believing in themselves as well as instil serious and thoughtful attitude towards training.

We utilize the following in our athletes' training process:

  • Individual lessons

  • Group fencing training

  • Fitness training

  • Fencing bouts

  • Organizing fencing camps

  • Educational fitness camps

  • Participation in local competitions

  • Overseas trips for competitions and camps

  • Physical, practical and theoretical fencing tests

  • Organizing club and international fencing tournaments in Singapore

In order to develop and popularize Fencing in Singapore we are engaged by various schools and clubs for their fencing programmes, participate in roadshows, organize fencing demonstrations in schools and other organizations. In addition, we host publicly open sessions with World and Olympic fencing champions and their coaches.

Our programmes include different exercise sets of varying difficulty levels depending on the athlete's age and skill level.

A once per week beginner and leisure programme grants an opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful sport of fencing and train for one's own enjoyment.

Our professional three times a week programme includes free individual lessons. Fencing is an individual sport whereby it is impossible to achieve good results without individual lessons with a coach. Our individual lessons for beginners are about 10 - 30 minutes while junior and professional fencers enjoy 20 - 45 minutes lessons at no extra charge. During such individual lessons, the coach introduces new moves and positions, corrects mistakes, finds an individual tactical strategy for each fencer depending on fencer's qualities such as age, level of experience and physical parameters (height, weight, agility, coordination, endurance and many others.)

Our professional programme, which includes free individual lessons, is the unique specialty of our club as compared to others. As a result, hardworking athletes who do not miss their training receive more attention and individual lessons from coaches, practice more exercises and fence more training bouts each week. This undoubtedly improves their competition results.

This programme would help you to save financially which would allow you to travel for overseas competitions. It is not possible to be a good fencer without international fencing experience. Furthermore, ranking points awarded for participation and victories overs are necessary for qualifying into Singapore National Team.

All in all, it is crucial to receive a correct professional preparation regardless of degree of involvement. It is equally important to receive such preparation starting with your very first fencing training. It must also be very well suited to your age in order not to spend time and money in the future to relearn the basics the way they should have been delivered. Be sure to make right coaching decisions starting with the first steps in your fencing life!